Accreditation at PJSC Transnef

The delivery of goods and equipment for Transneft’s facilities is possible only for contractors that are included in Transneft’s Register of goods and equipment.

Products, purchased by Transneft is divided into two categories:

  • Products, documentation for which is subject to examination in Transneft Institute for Training and Research. After the successful examination the products enter the Register of the main types of products purchased by PJSC Transneft (hereinafter referred to as the Register of MTP);
  • Products, delivery of which is carried out on the basis of available certificates of conformity and / or permits for the technical devices usage at hazardous production facilities of main oil pipelines, issued in accordance with the established procedure.

Serially produced products are subject of inclusion in the Register of MTP. They are given in the List of MTP.

  • Products that are not subject of inclusion in the Register:
  • Products that are not in the List of MTP;
  • Products, non serially produced.

Inclusion in the Register of MTP is carried out on the basis of:

  • Positive expert conclusion confirming compliance of the technical documentation of the manufacturer with the requirements of federal regulatory documents, national standards of the Russian Federation, as well as regulatory documents of PJSC Transneft;
  • Positive results of the inspection of production carried out at the manufacturing site by the commission of PJSC Transneft (for products manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation and member-countries of the Customs Union);
  • Positive results of product tests, confirming technical characteristics of products, that were declared in the technical documentation. Testing is carried out by the commission of PJSC Transneft.


The term of stay in the Register of MTP corresponds to the validity / revision period of the technical documentation specified by the manufacturer in the text of the document, but not more than 5 years or until the product type is removed from the List of MTP.


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