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CE mark is a special mark applied to ensure that the product complies with the essential requirements of the European Union directives and harmonized EU standards, and that the product has passed the conformity assessment procedure. CE mark indicates that the product is not harmful to the health of its consumers, nor to the environment.

Most goods coming into the European market, regardless of the country of the manufacturer, should be marked with CE mark.

For Russian suppliers, CE marking is the way to enter international markets.


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  • All documents issued by us have full legal force.

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  • Personal managers will answer all questions and will advise you throughout the validity period of the certificate / declaration

  • The technical capabilities of our laboratory and the scope of accreditation of the body allow us to provide a full range of certification and declaration services on turnkey basis.


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CE certification was introduced in 1993. Nowadays it is adopted by all European Union countries, the European Free Trade Association countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein). CE mark, as a special sign of goods conformity on the European Economic Area (EEA) market, allows the goods to move freely within the borders of the EU.

Most goods coming on the European market, regardless of the country of the producer, must be marked with the CE mark.


European standards for safety, health and environmental protection are specified in special documents - directives. Goods that have successfully passed the procedure for assessing compliance with the European Directives are marked (marked) with the CE mark on the package or on the product itself. The letters "CE" are an abbreviation of the phrase "conformité européenne" in French (translation into English is "European conformity"). It should be noted that the CE mark is applied by both national suppliers and importers of products (foreign companies).


For Russian suppliers, CE mark is the way to enter international markets.

The CE marking procedure is required not for all types of products. For each type of products that are on the list, its own directive has been developed with the corresponding requirements.

The process of marking products with the CE mark is a rather complicated work that requires special knowledge and skills, including knowledge of the European legislation.

We aim to provide qualified assistance to Russian companies such as correct preparation of documents, as well as assistance in the preparation for testing and inspection, and consulting during the international certification procedure. MOSTECHEXPERTISE develops the required package of documents in accordance with Applicant's activities and the requirements of the Notified Certification Body.

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