Fire Safety 123-FZ

Since May 1, 2009 in accordance with the Federal Law of Russia No. 123-FZ "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements" the objects of protection,  of people self-protection or fire prevention (including property of citizens or legal entities, state or municipal property as well as objects located on the territories of settlements, such as buildings, constructions, vehicles, technological installations, equipment, units, items and other property) are products and equipment that are subject to Fire Safety requirements. 

Declaration, as well as  Fire Safety Certificate, is an official document confirming the products safety  and ensuring measures to comply with the requirements of technical regulations mentioned in Federal Law No.123. 

On the territory of the Russian Federation, confirmation of compliance of protection equipment  (products) with Fire Safety Requirements is carried out:

  1. Mandatory - in form of declaration of conformity or mandatory certification;

       2.Voluntarily - in form of voluntary certification

MOSTECHEXPERTISE is the leader in the field of testing, certification, expertise and technical audit. We are ready to provide you with knowledge, experience and competence and to help you to comply with the requirements of technical regulations mentioned in Federal Law No.123.

We are ready to be the guarantor of your products quality!

  • All documents issued by us have full legal force.
  • Our specialists have high qualification and expanded experience for more than 10 years in the field of certification.
  •  We guarantee the simplicity and transparency of all certification procedures at each stage.
  •  Personal managers will answer all questions and will advise you throughout the validity period of the certificate / declaration
  • The technical capabilities of our laboratory and the scope of accreditation of the body allow us to provide a full range of certification and declaration services on turnkey basis.

Apply for the Fire Safety Certificate  tel. +7 (495) 651-99-05

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