Certificate / Declaration GOST R


Certificate / Declaration GOST R

Certificate / Declaration of Conformity GOST R is a document confirming the compliance of products or services to GOST Requirements. In accordance with Federal Law No. 184, certain types of products require mandatory issuing of a certificate and a declaration of conformity, voluntary certification is also possible.

Voluntary certification in GOST R system is carried out to confirm the quality of products, which will increase the consumers confidence of the Russian market

GOST R conformity mark of GOST R conformity mark of

              mandatory certification voluntary certification

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GOST R certification system was adopted by the Decree of the Russia State Standard on March 17, 1998 No. 11 "On approval of the Regulation on the GOST R Certification System".

This system aims to organize and conduct work on mandatory certification of products, works and services.

In GOST R system, voluntary certification is also possible according the same rules and procedures.

GOST R system also registers declarations of compliance issued by manufacturers (sellers).

Applicant can be a russian or a foreign company, an individual entrepreneur, who applied for certification.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on December 1, 2009 No. 982 approves:

List of products that are subject to mandatory certification;

List of products that are subject to declaration of conformity.

These lists of products may vary depending on the entry into force of new technical regulations.

Products that have successfully passed the confirmation of compliance to GOST R are subject to marking with the conformity mark:






GOST R conformity mark of 

         mandatory certification                                                     


GOST R conformity mark of

      voluntary certification 



GOST R conformity mark of GOST R conformity mark of

mandatory certification voluntary certification

The voluntary GOST R certificate is usually recommended: firstly, because it guarantees the quality of the product to customers, who is then led to prefer it; and secondly, because an extensive number of big corporation required it for the participation in tenders.

The issued certificates of products conformity and registered declarations of products conformity to the requirements are available on the official website of the Federal Service for Accreditation.

Certificate GOST R and declaration of conformity GOST R can be issued

  • For a batch: only for one delivery;
  • For series production: allows to export the specified product to Russia during the specified period, regardless of the number and amount of supplies. Valid 1-3 years.
  • For a single item.

 Documents needed for GOST R certification/ GOST R declaration:

1) application form;

2) a copy of the normative document, according to which the products are produced (standards, regulations, technical requirements, etc.)

3) a technical certificate;

4) an operation manual;

5) a contract (supply contract) (for a batch, a single item) or an invoice (for a batch, a single item);

6) ISO 9001 certificate (if available);

7) test reports (if any);

Other documents confirming compliance of products with the requirements (if any).


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