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MOSTECHEXPERTISE is the world lead company in the sphere of certification, examination, testing and technical audit.

MOSTECHEXPERTISE offers its partners and clients a whole range of services in production and sales. Our company provides you with the knowledge, experience and competence and help your products to comply with national and international standards. We also assist in training employees: increase their motivation, productivity and self confidence. And if you need additional personnel for a project, our specialists are at your disposal, from skilled workers to experienced scientists.

Our services extend, in particular, to equipment for the oil and gas industry, chemical raw materials, building materials, personal protective equipment, electrical engineering, measuring equipment, pressure vessels, medical products, agricultural products and others.

In addition to testing, technical audit and certification, we help to ensure the coherence, profitability and effectiveness of all operations through the management of industrial facilities reliability, optimization programs, project risk management and technical support.

Many of the largest manufacturers have already entrusted us with the issue of ensuring innovation, sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness of their business.

Many services provided by MOSTECHEXPERTISE aim to improve existing processes and procedures at your organization. Contact us right now to learn more about options of our cooperation.

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