State Registration Certificate (SRC)

State Registration Certificate (SRC) is an official document that certifies that products (a substance, material, device, equipment) that passed through the state registration procedure correspond to all sanitary and hygienic standards of the Eurasian Economic Union countries.

State registration of products has replaced sanitary and epidemiological expertise and is valid from July 1, 2010. Since that time this document has powers within the territory of Russia as well as within all countries-members of the Customs Union. Certificates of products state registration are issued instead of hygienic certificates.

EPIDEMIOLOGICAL EXPERT CONCLUSION is a voluntary document confirming the compliance of products, that are not subject to mandatory state registration, to established hygienic and sanitary norms rules in force in the Customs Union territory.

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                                                                             We are ready to be the guarantor of your products quality!

  • All documents issued by us have full legal force.
  • Our specialists have high qualification and expanded experience for more than 10 years in the field of certification.
  •  We guarantee the simplicity and transparency of all certification procedures at each stage.
  •  Personal managers will answer all questions and will advise you throughout the validity period of the certificate / declaration
  • The technical capabilities of our laboratory and the scope of accreditation of the body allow us to provide a full range of certification and declaration services on turnkey basis.

Apply for State Registration Certificate  - tel. +7 (495) 651-99-05

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