Third Party Inspection

Independent Third Party Inspection allows an investor to reduce risks by recruiting competent specialists for:

  • Analysis, evaluation and selection of equipment suppliers;
  • Control over suppliers of equipment and materials at the manufacture;
  • Independent input inspection of incoming materials and equipment;
  • Carrying out independent ecological expertise of design and technological documentation;
  • Implementation of continuous monitoring of the work performance directly at the construction site and compilation of daily reports on the work performed;
  • Issuing of the final report and the object certificate with the data  on all inconsistencies revealed during the work.

Third Party Inspection includes the following steps:

  • Input control of materials, components;
  • Production Equipment Control;
  • Production Process Control;
  • Operational control of products at the manufacture;
  • Tests conducting or monitoring;
  • Final acceptance of products;
  • Shipment Control;
  • Control of accompanying documentation.

Our inspection principles:

  • All inspection activities comply with ISO 17020;
  • Full-time presence of inspectors at inspection sites;
  • Our inspectors are professionals in the relevant areas of the conducted inspection;
  • We immediately notify the customer if any inconsistencies are detected during the inspection.


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