Expertise and harmonization of engineering and technical measures of civil defence and measures for prevention of emergencies

Engineering and Technical Measures of Civil Defence, and Emergencies Prevention Measures is a document that contains activities that aim to prevent emergencies and reduce risks of their occurrence; to ensure protection of the citizens and territories from emergencies; to reduce material damage of man-caused and natural disasters, and of the dangers arising from the conduct of hostilities, sabotage or terrorist acts on the territory or on the object under consideration.

Document “Engineering and Technical Measures of Civil Defence, and Emergencies Prevention Measures” (ETM CD and EPM) is part of the construction project and is a mandatory official document for the construction and production activities of any potentially hazardous facility in the Russian Federation.

When developing ETM CD and EPM document, our specialists analyze the possibility of occurrence of certain emergencies, measure the zones of damaging factors in case of possible accidents at the object (territory) under consideration, assess human risks and material damage, develop measures to protect people, territories, buildings and constructions from the possible damage of man-caused and natural disasters at the construction site, at potentially hazardous objects and transport communications.

The requirements for the initial data, composition, content and expertise of “ETM CD and EPM” document are established and regulated by SP11-107-98 “Development procedure and the content of the document for construction projects - “Engineering and Technical Measures of Civil Defence. Emergencies Prevention Measures”.


Development of ETM CD and EPM document is necessary when:

  • Drawing up a General Scheme for the development and location of the country's productive forces;
  • Evacuating citizens, material and cultural valuables ​​to safe areas;
  • Drawing up schemes for the development and location of national industries;
  • Drawing up schemes and developing projects for district planning;
  • Development of technical plans and projects for urban and rural settlements (master-plans, detailed planning projects, infrastructural projects for urban complexes or groups of public buildings);
  • Development of projects for industrial zones (districts) of cities;
  • Designing of industrial areas and nodes;
  • Development of permitting documents that justify the construction, as well as new expansion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of enterprises and buildings;
  • Drawing up schemes of territorial planning when it deals with the protection of territories of the Russian Federation and there is the risk of emergency situation occurrence;
  • Development of master plans for settlements and master plans for urban districts;
  • Development of the territory planning  project;
  • Development of design documentation for the use of nuclear energy (including nuclear facilities, storage facilities for nuclear and radioactive substances); hazardous production facilities identified in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation; especially dangerous, technically complex, unique facilities; defense and security facilities;
  • Other cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


According to SP 11-107-98, the need to develop ETM CD and EPM document is determined by:

- the presence of a category of civil defense (CD) of the object

- the presence of a city belonging to CD category (of special importance, the first, the second, the third level of importance), where the object is located (for objects on the territory of categorized cities)

- the presence of a category and a group of CD, located near objects and cities (if any)

- the requirements to protective construction for civil defense (PC SD)

- the presence of possible sources of emergency of anthropogenic nature on the object

- the presence of possible sources of natural and anthropogenic nature in the area of object ​​construction

- the requirements to create warning systems, including local warning systems

- the requirements to prevent extraneous interference in the activities of a potentially hazardous facility

- the technical requirements for the development of the Engineering and Technical Measures of Civil Defence and Emergencies Prevention Measures

- additional security requirements, that should be taken into account for the development of ETM CD and EPM document.


“Engineering and Technical Measures of Civil Defence and Emergencies Prevention Measures” is issued as a separate document. There are, in systematized form, project solutions for ETM CD and EPM, accompanying with the necessary justifications and drawings.

It should be noted that the content and volume of ETM CD and EPM document can vary depending on the category of the object and the type of the city, on the hazard category of the facility, the surrounding infrastructure, the nature and scale of the possible disaster, accident, natural disaster, local environmental conditions, and a number of other nuances. ETM CD and EPM document provides information in graphic and in text.

According to the unique engineering solutions developed by the specialists of MOSTECHEXPERTISE, we manage to increase the protection level of people and the material assets (equipment, raw materials, products, vehicles, buildings) against the impact of natural and man-caused origin.

We provide services for the development of this document, both for construction purpose and for the reconstruction of various facilities. We take into account all the factors that can have a significant impact on the occurrence of emergencies.

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