Climatic tests

Climatic tests - tests on the effects of various climatic factors, whether it is the effect of high or low temperature, high or low humidity, low or high atmospheric pressure, exposure to salt fog, exposure to sand and dust, exposure to rain, etc.


Climatic tests are conducted to check the product working abilities under the influence of climatic factors.

MOSTECHEXPERTISE has the opportunity to reproduce the climatic conditions of all Earth climatic zones.

To test the equipment for stability under extreme conditions, a warmth/cold/moisture chamber is used, which ensures testing of large-sized products at temperature range from minus 70 ° С to plus 100 ° С, with relative humidity up to 98%, with the reproduction of rain, frost and dew.

Tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the customer for compliance with state and industry standards, including GOST 15150, GOST 16962.1, GOST 20.57.406 and others, or in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer. If necessary, specialists of MOSTECHEXPERTISE can develop programs and test methods.

If necessary, the product can be subject to electrical or mechanical load. During the test, the working abilities of the product is checked.

The result of climatic tests (on the impact of climatic factors) are the protocols, issued in accordance with established requirements. The result for each type of climate test is drawn up in a separate protocol.


Protocols issued by MOSTECHEXPERTISE are recognized by:

  • Protocols issued by MOSTECHEXPERTISE are recognized by:
  • certification bodies;
  • oil and gas companies: Gazprom, Transneft;
  • nuclear power plants (NPPs).

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