Test Program and Methodology

Test Program and Methodology is a document that contains technical data to be checked during the product testing, as well as the order and methods of the product control.

Test Program and Methodology may vary depending on the test category:

- Acceptance tests,

- Commissioning tests,

- Periodic tests,

- Prototype tests,

- Qualification tests,

- Certification tests.

Nevertheless, any test category establishes:

- Requirements for products that are subject to control (including requirements for safety, health and environment protection, including harmonization with the requirements of international instruments);

- Control plans;

- Test methods, test conditions (modes);

- Requirements for testing tools (measurement limits, limits of tolerable errors, consumables, safety for staff health and for the environment, etc.);

- Requirements for the number of items selected for each category (type, group) of tests established in the documents, as well as the selection order;

- Requirements for test preparation;

- Processing procedure of the data obtained during testing, and the criteria for making decisions, as well as the preparation and presentation procedure of test results;

- Requirements for the decisions and the area for test results dissemination.

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