Tests for strength and tightness are carried

Tests for strength and tightness are carried out in order to check the conformity of equipment operating under pressure to safety requirements.

During testing, the product is kept under pressure exceeding the working medium for a certain time, and afterwards it is monitored to detect mechanical damage or residual deformations as well as leaks. Test pressure, holding time and permissible leakage are determined by the manufacturer in a document called “Program and methodology of testing” that is developed and approved in accordance with the established procedure.

Test methods are divided into hydraulic and pneumatic.

Water or kerosene are used for hydraulic tests, as a test medium; air, helium or freon are used for pneumatic tests.

Tests for strength, density  and tightness require high safety, therefore only qualified personnel, who passed special (theoretical, industrial) training courses, have the right to hold these tests with usage of certified test equipment and attested measuring instruments.


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