Fire resistance tests

Fire resistance tests - provide reliable data on the ability to withstand the spread of fire, which is very important at industrial facilities. Investigations of the flammability, toxicity and smoke generation level of materials make it possible to classify materials and perform the correct selection of a material based on the requirements of a particular project.

Fire resistance tests allow to deternine:

  • group of combustibility of the material;
  • ability to ignite, to produce smoke;
  • toxicity level;
  • flammability index;
  • combustibility / incombustibility of the material;
  • fire resistance limits;
  • degree of smoke tightness and gas tightness of building materials and structures;
  • limit of combustion spread during the testing of cable networks.

At the request of the supplier or the manufacturer, fire safety certificates can be issued on a voluntary basis. They differ from mandatory permits as the supplier or the manufacturer chooses on his own the norms and requirements to which his products must conform. In this case, fire safety certificates are issued for those products for which certification is not obligatory. The availability of such a document gives more reliability of goods. A voluntary fire safety certificate provides consumers with additional guarantees regarding product safety. In addition, the fire safety certificate can be obtained both for series of products, and for a specific lot of products, limited in quantity.

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