Emergency response plan (ERP)

The development of an action plan, for eliminating the consequences of emergencies at hazardous sites, is a complex process. Therefore, this task should be handled by experienced specialists.

MOSTECHEXPERTISE has extensive experience in the development of Emergency Response Plans (PLA).

The measures plan, for localization and elimination of accidents consequences at the hazardous sites, contains possible emergence scenarios and accidents development, as well as the personnel actions for minimizing the consequences of accidents. Everything is done in accordance with the requirements established by federal legislation in the field of industrial safety. Emergency Response Plan is developed for every facility put into the register of hazardous production facilities.

The development of Emergency Response Plans is obligatory in accordance with Government Decree No. 730 for facilities that act within the federal law No. 116 "On Industrial Safety". Such facilities are hazardous production facilities that belong to 1, 2, 3 hazard classes and registered in the register of hazardous production facilities. Emergency Response Plan is not being developed for facilities of the 4th hazard class.

Regardless of the hazard class of the facility, it is not necessary to develop Emergency Response Plans for the following objects (Article 10, paragraph 2 of FZ-116):


1. Equipment operating under excess pressure of more than 0.07 MPa:

1.1. Steam, gas (in the gaseous, liquefied state);

1.2. Water at a heating temperature of more than 115 degrees Celsius;

1.3. Other liquids at a temperature exceeding the boiling point at an excess pressure of 0.07 MPa;

2. Lifting mechanisms, escalators in subways, cable cars, funiculars.

Emergency Response Plan at hazardous sites should be approved by a professional emergency rescue team.

It should also be borne in mind that Emergency Response Plan at hazardous sites is temporary and should be  revised in the following cases:


1. No later than 1 month after:

-making changes of the measuring techniques used at hazardous sites or measuring instruments (used for the production control according to the requirements of the industrial safety);

-making changes of the process control systems at the facility;

-introduction of new mining areas or closing down mining areas as well as introducing changes in the ventilation schemes of mines, and after changing the way of emergency exit for workers in the event of an accident;

2. In accordance with the technical investigation of the accident causes at the facility.

Emergency Response Plan at hazardous sites is also reviewed on Rostekhnadzor's demand if there is a discrepancy between the given information in this plan and information obtained during the implementation of industrial safety supervision, or when new risk factors occur as the result of accident investigation at other similar facilities.

We provide you with professional expert services for developing Emergency Response Plan (ERP), taking into account the specifics of your company activities.MOSTECHEXPERTISE is the leader in the field of testing, certification, expertise and technical audit. We are ready to provide you with knowledge, experience and competence and to help you to comply with national and international standards.

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