Certification tests

Certification tests are product control tests, conducted to determine the compliance of product characteristics with national and (or) international normative and technical documents (technical regulations, standards, etc.).

Certification tests are conducted at an independent accredited testing laboratory.

Test methods are divided into hydraulic and pneumatic.

Water or kerosene are used for hydraulic tests, as a test medium; air, helium or freon are used for pneumatic tests.

Certification tests results are documented by the protocol on the basis of which the certificate is issued. Certification involves mutual recognition of test results by the supplier and the consumer.

In addition, the manufacturer can always use the certificate and the protocol while supplying the product for proving its  quality.

The manufacturer should submit the following set of documents to a certification body or a testing laboratory:

  • Design documentation;
  • Operational documentation;
  • Other test reports (if available).

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