Chemical Safety Data Sheet

  Chemical Safety Data Sheet is a document that is an obligatory part of the technical documentation for chemical products. Its main purpose is to provide the consumer with information on the safety of industrial use, storage, transportation and disposal of chemical products and their usage for domestic purposes.

Chemical Safety Data Sheet is developed in accordance with GOST 30333-2007.

Chemical Safety Data Sheet should contain the following information:

  1. Identification of chemical products and information about the manufacturer and (or) the supplier.
  2. Identification of danger (hazards).
  3. Product composition (information on components).
  4. First aid measures.
  5. Measures and means to ensure fire and explosion safety.
  6. Measures to prevent and eliminate emergency situations and their consequences.
  7. Rules for the storage of chemical products and handling during loading and unloading.
  8. Monitoring means of hazardous effects, personal protective equipment.
  9. Physicochemical characteristics.
  10. Stability and reactivity.
  11. Information on toxicity.
  12. Information on the impact on environment.
  13. Recommendations for waste disposal.
  14. Information on transportation rules.
  15. Information on international and national legislation.

Additional Information

The procedure of Safety Data Sheet development and registration is carried out by the organization engaged in the production or supply of chemical products to the market, or by an expert organization competent in resolving this issue. Safety Data Sheet is compulsorily registered at Information and Analytical Center "Safety of Substances and Materials".

Safety Data Sheet is registered in the following cases:

1. Initial delivery;

2. Extension;

3. Re-registration;

4. Re-issue.

Safety Data Sheet development is a long-term and time-consuming process, requiring high qualification and in-depth knowledge of the chemical industry. Specialists of MOSTECHEXPERTISE will develop Safety Data Sheet quickly and professionally.

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