Rostekhnadzor License

   Execution of any license of Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) is made according to the Federal Law No. 128 dated 8.08.2001 “On Licensing of Certain       Types of Activities”.

Licensing of the operation of explosive industrial facilities is regulated by:

- Federal Law No. 99-FZ on May 04, 2011 "On licensing of certain types of activities";

- Regulations on the licensing of the operation of explosive and chemically hazardous industrial facilities of I, II and III hazard classes (approved by the Decree of Government of the Russian Federation on June 10, 2013 No. 492).

   Licensing authority for the operation of hazardous industrial facilities is Rostekhnadzor.

Hazardous production category includes objects where:​

  1.         are obtained, used, processed, formed, stored, transported, destroyed:

    - flammable substances;

    - oxidizing substances;

    - combustible substances;

    - explosives;

    - toxic substances;

    - highly toxic substances;

    - substances that are hazardous to the environment;

    2. equipment operating under excess pressure of more than 0.07 MPa is used.

    3. stationary lifting gears are used.

    4. melts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals are obtained, used, transported.

    5. mining works are carried out.

    6. storage or processing of plant raw materials is carried out, during which explosive dust-air mixtures are formed.

Hazardous production facilities, depending on the level of potential danger of accidents on them are divided into four classes of danger:

I hazard class - objects of extremely high hazard;

II hazard class - high hazard facilities;

III hazard class - medium hazard objects;

IV hazard class - low hazard objects.

The hazard class is assigned to a hazardous production facility when it is registered in State Register.

The operation of explosive and chemically hazardous industrial facilities of the 4th class of danger does not require licensing. 

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs should obtain a license to operate explosive and chemically hazardous production facilities of I, II and III hazard classes when they intend to perform certain types of work on these objects. Production facilities should comply with the established licensing requirements.

         Licenses for the operation of explosive industrial facilities are valid for an unlimited period.

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