Seismic stability

Seismic stability is one of the important technical characteristics of buildings, structures and industrial equipment, which determines the level of their resistance to earthquakes.

MOSTECHEXPERTISE deals with safety and reliability of industrial facilities and examines the impact of external factors of natural and antropogenic origin on the equipment, constructions, facilities. The main activity is seismic resistance testing of process equipment, pipelines and industrial facilities.

Our specialists have extended experience in seismic resistance assessment, as well as in the development and implementation of technical solutions to provide seismic protection and safety of various process equipment, pipelines and building structures.

We conduct the following types of testing and certification of technological equipment, pipelines and building structures of industrial facilities for seismic resistance:

1.Seismic resistance tests are carried out on vibrating stands or platforms.

Such tests are carried out for process equipment used at facilities with high safety requirements. It is necessary to take into account not only the standard requirements, but also the norms and recommendations regulated by GOST 17516.1-90 and GOST 30546.2-98. These documents provide framework and requirements of seismic resistance tests that are obligatory for equipment, machinery and various products.

Calculation of seismic resistance is performed to assess seismic resistance of thermal mechanical equipment - pumps, heat exchangers, reservoirs, pipelines, air ducts, etc., or electrical products that do not contain electronic components and devices (relays, terminal assemblies, control units, etc.).

The main reasons for calculating seismic resistance are as follows:

  • large dimensions and complexity of the construction of objects do not allow testing it on a vibrating platform;
  • products are already in operation at the existing industrial facility and can not be dismantled for seismic testing;
  • requirements to the products allow not to carry out full-scale seismic tests;
  • it is thermo-mechanical equipment, so seismic calculations are demanded by regulatory requirements.

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