X-ray inspection of welded joints

X-ray inspection of welded joints is a method of nondestructive testing, which makes it possible to detect such defects as pores, shells, welded cracks, non-welds, nonmetallic inclusions.

Among all methods of nondestructive testing of welded joints, X-ray inspection of welded joints is considered to be the most reliable and effective. Its main advantages are:

  • high speed of detection of defects;
  • maximum localization of defect detection;
  • precise definition of the microstructure of the welded joint (detection of up to 97% of all defects);
  • possibility of testing of inaccessible places for visual inspection.

Specialists of the testing laboratory of MOSTECHEXPERTISE have the opportunity to implement the method of X-ray inspection of welded joints of pipelines, pipeline fittings, vessels intended for liquids and gases in a closed X-ray chamber with product dimensions up to 2500 mm and length up to 9000 mm, and without the X-ray chamber by using portable devices, with the observance of safety procedures and operating SNiPs, the overall dimensions in this case are not limited.

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